Lima is our original Dam, she is a beautiful dark red AKC Standard Poodle. She has curly and super fluffy hair weighs 55 lbs and is tall for being a female AKC Red Standard Poodle. She is also a great family pet and is very good with children. Lima was very easy to train she is super smart and full of energy. Lima is in extremely good health, see certificates below. She is a loving and caring momma. 

Lima’s Health Certificates

Lima’s OFA Certificate

Lima’s Pedigree

Lima’s AKC Registration






Arequipa is our newest future ChronicPuppies Dam. She will begin breeding in 2 years once she has proven to be healthy enough. Look out for Arequipa’s AKC Red Standard Poodle puppies soon!

Arequipa’s AKC Registration

Arequipa’s Pedigree