Mission Statement

ChronicPuppies, founded in 2019, is a dog breeding program that specializes in top shelf AKC Red
Standard Poodles. Located in sunny California and serving the entire globe!
We breed beautiful AKC Red Standard Poodles. Our breeding program adheres
to and abides by all humane and ethical breeding standards to ensure that we provide you with truly top
shelf puppies. Our Sires and Dams are family first and we love them as such.

You can rest assured that your ChronicPuppy will get top shelf care while we get them ready to go home!
This is no Puppy Mill, we provide the highest standard of care for all our pets to bring you the highest
quality AKC Red Standard Poodles on the West Coast.

Everyone deserves to experience the pure joy and love that a puppy can bring. Sharing that pure joy and love with everyone, is what we do at ChronicPuppies.

At ChronicPuppies we breed the most beautiful dark red AKC Standard Poodles with a purpose. Our goal is to share the love and happiness that a puppy delivers to everyone in the world regardless of their medical status.

The Poodles we breed are 100% Hypoallergenic and we specifically breed puppies with the following traits: calm, attentive, intelligent, and red in color. At ChronicPuppies we hope to bring joy to all people especially those with ailments that normally could not have a dog as a pet. We believe that having a pet is part of the human experience and health issues should not stand in the way of that.