How To Get Your Own ChronicPuppy


So you’ve decided to become a part of our ChronicPuppies Family! Congratulations! You made the right choice, because ChronicPuppies is your Top Shelf Dark Red AKC Standard Poodle Breeder. We treat all of our babies with the utmost love and care. Be assured that your ChronicPuppy is bred with ethical and loving care from the day their born until the day they go to their forever home with you. All of our Parent Information including Health and AKC paperwork can be found under the Sires and Dams pages underneath each parent. So here is how it all works. 


To get your very own ChronicPuppy you must get on the list for either current or future litters by making a Deposit AND submitting a filled out Deposit Form. Deposits are refundable until the day puppies are born, at which time your deposit becomes NON-REFUNDABLE!! Remaining balance is due IN CASH AT PICK-UP. 


Once we receive your Deposit along with your Deposit Form you will be placed in queue according to the order in which they are received. NOTE: We offer First Pick and Second Pick for an additional fee. PLEASE ASK FOR AVAILABILITY before adding these options to your Cart. 


Once you complete the steps above and are finally on your way to becoming a part of the ChronicPuppies Family the next step is choosing your ChronicPuppy. This will take place when the puppies have turned 5 Weeks Old. We will contact you based on the order your Deposit was received. 


In the meantime, you can keep up with your ChronicPuppy with daily pictures and videos on our Facebook and Instagram  @ChronicPuppies Or you can check out our Gallery page for the most recent updates.


Your ChronicPuppy will be ready to go home when they are 8 Weeks Old. Please make sure to arrange delivery method ahead of time. Arrange for Pick-Up or Delivery (for an additional fee, if available). We will charge an additional daily fee of $25 beginning at 9 Weeks if puppy is not picked up yet. After 10 weeks you surrender your puppy and lose your full Deposit. Remaining balance is due IN CASH AT PICK-UP.


Deposit and Deposit Form


Before you make your Deposit please make sure you are aware of what Breed, and what add-on if any you prefer. To make Deposit it can be done securely through our site via PayPal by adding Puppy Deposit to your Cart and checking out. You can also add First Pick option or Second Pick option to your Cart. ASK FOR AVAILABILITY FIRST!!


Puppy Deposit             $500

First Pick                      $500 additional, due with Deposit

Second Pick                 $300 additional, due with Deposit


Alternatively, we accept Deposits via Venmo and Zelle 

Venmo: @AndreVerastegui

Zelle: Andre Verastegui, (909) 560-3628


Deposit Form


Deposit Form can be filled out and submitted during checkout on our website.

Alternatively, you can download the PDF and send filled out form via email to


AKC Registration


At ChronicPuppies we do not support “Puppy Mills” and we do our best to ensure that breeding is done ethically and responsibly. We normally offer only Limited AKC Registrations for most of our clients.


We do offer 1 Full AKC Registration per litter to an approved buyer. To apply for Full AKC Registration with Breeding Rights you must contact us at for further instructions on how to be approved.



Price varies based on demand and availability for Limited AKC.

For Full AKC Registration with Breeding Rights price is $4,000.